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Maresa Moglia



Maresa Moglia graduates from Barnard College in New York with a B.A. and major in dance. During her studies she performs both as dancer and choreographer, receiving an award from the Program in the Arts for her outstanding activity.
While in New York she studies at the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance and at the Limon Institute.
At the same time she takes intensive courses in classical indian dance, Bharata Natyam, with Carolyn Kay (disciple of and partner to Bhaskar) and successively becomes soloist in Carolyn’s company “Rhythms and Visions of India” with which she extensively tours the northeast United States.

She studies in India with Sikkil Vasantha Kumari and in Paris with Savitri Nair.

In Milan, Italy, Maresa founds the Rasa Ensemble (Classical indian music and dance) with Federico Sanesi (tabla, mridangam) and Annysha Sacchini (sitar, vocals) with which she tours in Italy, also appearing on national television programs. She appears in the italian magazines “L’Illustrazione Italiana” and “Vogue” regarding her dance activity.

Dances in the “Luisa Casiraghi “ contemporary dance company with which she wins an award as Best Italian Dance Group and takes part in the prestigious Festival of Bagnolet in France.
Tours Italy, France and Switzerland with two productions: “Neo” and “Giu’ non c’è piu’ nessuno”.

Returns in India to continue her Bharata Natyam studies under the guidance of Krishnaveni Lakshmanan, internationally reknown Bharata Natyam dancer, choreographer and senior dance master at the Kalakshetra Fine Arts Academy in Chennai, India.
Studies Carnatic music and nattuvangam (traditional solfege for dance) with Sitarama Sarma at his Kalapeetham Music Institute in Chennai.

Opens the “Associazione Ballerini Senesi” dance school in Siena with Judith Bartlett where she teaches BharataNatyam and Contemporary dance.

Continues a privileged guru/disciple relationship with Krishnaveni who comes yearly to Siena and holds workshops in Bharata Natyam.
Krishnaveni acknowledges the value of Maresa’s activity, both as dancer and teacher of Bharata Natyam and accepts the position of Artistic Director in Maresa Moglia’s “Natana Vedica East/West Performing Arts” Association.

Founds the “Mangalam” Dance Company with which she presents Bharata Natyam, contemporary and her very personal innovative intercultural fusion between classical indian and contemporary dance.

Maresa Moglia was commissioned by the Institute of Fine Arts, U.K. to choreograph an original piece for a contemporary/Bharata Natyam fusion, participating with Krishnaveni Lakshmanan, Prasanna (top level performer of South Indian classical music on the guitar), British western classical chamber musicians and Indian classical musicians. The work received its world premiere at the Queen Elizabeth hall in London .

Natanavedica now has a residency at the Center for Contemporary Culture “Corte dei Miracoli” in Siena.

Maresa teaches as guest lecturer at the University of Siena in the Dance History course and for the Department of Communication Sciences.
She has taught workshops, held lectures and performed at the Gurdjieff International Headquarters in California, USA.



Maresa unites a perfect mastery of body language, attained through rigorous discipline, to a notable expressive capacity which stems from her profound interior sensibility. The sentiment and grace that underlie her movements are never tainted by sentimentalism or affectation: her capacity of moderation and balance always lend her performances great nobility. An accurate interpreter of the traditional Bharata Natyam repertoire, she has knowingly revisted them for the western audience without distorting them. Thanks to her artistic creativity she has composed new choreographies which testify to the vitality and relevance of this ancient art form. As a teacher she has the charisma of a master, who patiently invites her students to identify their limits and aids them steadfastly in overcoming them. Each time I have been witness to her dance-I don’t like calling them performances- I have perceived a more subtle dimension, ritual and sacred, which gave me a measure of the difference between a professional dancer and an inspired artist. And Maresa definitely belongs to this latter category.


Marilia Albanese
Marilia Albanese is Professor of indian culture at the Civica Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Orientali and directress of the Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient. Journalist and author of articles, essays and numerous books.


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